Get local time

In this tutorial we will consider our server is located in a different time zone from the one our clients are located at (A London related site is in a server located is USA for example).

First we must know the time in the server. We will create a text file with the code bellow, and we will copy it to our server:

Time in server: <%  =time %>

Then we will visit our page and we will get the time in the server. In our case the output is this one

Time in server: 4:14:09 AM

Second, we will calculate the difference in hours between local time and time in server

In our example, in London the time is 10:14:09, so the difference between time in london and in server is six hours.

Finally we will get the code necessary to display the local time by adding 6 hours to server´s time.

thehour=Hour(now) 6              ' Here we will add 6  to hour in server 
if thehour>12 then 
end if
if Theminute<10 then 
  Theminute="0" & Theminute 
end if
if Thesecond<10 then 
  Thesecond="0" & Thesecond
end if
Local time: <% =thehour %>:<% =Theminute %>:<% =Thesecond %>

Local time: 10:14:09