Request  info and save it to a file  (.asp): Errors

The script is responding with the following error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c'
Path not found


Probably you have probrems with this line in your code

   Folderpath=server.mappath("\") & "/cgi-bin/messages000001"

Normally "server.mappath("\")" instruction points to you main directory, but not allways. In order to solve The error we need to know which one is the correct path to your directory.

Copy the code bellow to a file (searchpath.asp) and place it at "/cgi-bin/messages000001" subdirectory:

     <% = server.mappath("searchpath.asp") %>

The resulting page will provide you the path to your subdirectory, as for example this one:


Then, in your code, substitute the original code

     Folderpath=server.mappath("\") & "/cgi-bin/messages000001"

and write the correct path (remove from the path above "/searchpath.asp") :