Form to mail form (.asp) Example 1 , Example 2 , Example 3
This tutorial uses Bamboo.SMTP mail component
If this component is not available in your server try
JMail.SMTP Mail component
If non of them are available contact your server administrator

Example 1

Would you like to get on your email all the information included in a form?

  • First of all you need a form, as for example the one in the table:
<FORM ACTION="formtomail.asp" METHOD=post>

<!-- Your fields here -->

<INPUT TYPE=submit value="Submit">

    The Form Action must be directed to the ASP script bellow.
  • Second: you need the asp script (copy the information in the table to a text file 

  • and save the file as "formtomail.asp" in your server).
For Each x In Request.Form
message = message & x & ": " & Request.Form(x) & CHR(10)
set smtp=Server.CreateObject("Bamboo.SMTP")
smtp.FromName="Joe Smith"
smtp.Subject="Response to my form"
smtp.Message = message
on error resume next
 if err then
response.Write err.Description
Response.redirect ("http://")
end if
set smtp = Nothing
You need to customize the script:
  • You need to put your smtp sever name (for example: You may also write your IP address instead.
  • Change, and write the email to which you want the information to be send.
  • Instead of, write the email from which the information is send. 

  • In case you are asking to your visitor to write their email in the form (p.e.  using a field like this: <input type="text" name="email">, you may write "request.for("email")" instead of "".That way you will get un email from the person filling the form.
  • "Joe Smith" will be the name of the sender. You may write "request.form("yourname")" if you are asking your visitors their name in a specific field (p.e., <input type="text" name="yourname">.
  • "Response to my form" will be the subject of the email you will get.
  • This script will redirect the response to a different page. Whatever you want to unswer to the person who has fill the form must be writen in a html page. Write this url in the script (change "http://").
NOTE: You may have problems with this script in your server in case "Bamboo.SMTP" instruction is not supported by your server. In that case you will need a different script.