Active Server Pages tutorial for beginners

What are Active Server Pages?
Displaying Date, Time and Text
Using Variables and Forms
If...Then and For...Next instructions
Do...Loop and Select...Case instructions
Subroutines and Include/virtual
Session and Application methods
Dictionary Object
Open Read and Create files
Introduction to Global.asa
Using ASP and javascript together
Using Arrays
Displaying pictures from an ASP file
Active Server Pages Server-Side Scripting Programmer s Reference

Free ready to use ASP scripts

Our server may allow us to use ASP only in the "cgi-bin" directory or in all the site. Depending on this fact we may need to change the path to the files we are manipulating. Here, we will consider an ASP web hosting server which allows using ASP in the entire site.
Get remote URL - A tutorial to learn how to get access to content of remote sites. Two copy and paste examples are also available: keywords from remote URL and Google search in your site.

Search files - You may search for specific files, within folders, or both. Updated copy and paste script.

Request info and save it to a file - Ask your visitor to fill in a form and save it to a file. This script may be use with any form. Copy and Paste.

ASP counter - A simple counter. It will save the result to a file. Copy and Paste.

Guestbook / Message board - Get messages from visitors and show them inmediately online. Copy and Paste.

Form to mail - Easy to use. Three examples for different porpoises (Bamboo.SMTP).

Mailing list subscription/unsubscription script - After entering email a message with a verification url will be send. Then email will be recorded.

Free For All Link Page - Start your own FFA with as many categories as you want.

Active Users counter - This script allows to know how many clients are visiting your site and to show it in your pages.


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Get local time
List files within folder
List subfolders within folder
Create/Delete folders
Get file/folder info
   DateLastModified, DateLastAccessed,
   DateCreated, Drive, Name, ParentFolder,
   Path, ShortName, ShortPath, Size, Type,
Reading a file
   Read, ReadLine, ReadAll, Skip, SkipLine,
   Column, Line, AtEndOfLine, AtEndOfStream
Sort arrays
Generate randon number
Create a Column Graph
Is it an email?
JMail.SMTP Mail component
Get keywords from text
Remove non-alphanumeric
Simple ad rotator
Hide meta tags
Language specific response

GET and POST methods
   Request.form, Request.querystring
Add time period to date
   dateAdd, Date,Year, Month,
   MonthName, Day, WeekDay
Compare dates
Compare strings
   InStr, StrComp
Manipulation of Strings
   InStr, LCase, Left, Len, LenB, LTring, Mid,
   Replace, Right, RTrim, Space, String,
   StrReverse, Trim, UCase
Send non-html files with ASP
Server related information
   ^, *, /, \, , -, parenthesis
Comparison operators
   =, <>, >, >=, <, <=
Logical operators
   And, Or, Xor, Eqv, Imp, Not
Math functions
   Abs, Atn, Cos, Exp, Fix, Hex, Int, Log,
   Oct, Round, Sgn, Sin, Sqr, Tan

MSWC.AdRotator component
MSWC.ContentRotator component
Persits Upload component

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